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13th Annual Woak Island


Taking you to the best places, without ever leaving the beach.


25th - 29th

October 25th - 29th

Imagine a world

of Woakness

Woak Island Travel has been offering the

woakest vacation packages since 2011.

We guarantee that every trip you book with us

will be unique and unforgettable.

Our Packages

We offer a wideworld of woak for you to choose from, depending on your dream experience!

Despite Bidenflation, all for just $225.00

(same as 2022)

$225 Fall Getaway

Visit the most beautiful beaches and relax near lavish beach houses..

Woak Wonder

Replace family time with friends in cozy cabins and oppulent meals.

Daily Contest Winners

Even losers can win at Woak Island

TRIP features

Catch &


Not known for its fishing, Woak Island features a Catch & Release program just in case someone actually does land a fish.



Exclusive access and VIP passes ensure your experience is uninterrupted - a true gateway to a small group setting.

Appraised Value?


Reel men of genius make this annual private destination experience full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Woak Island

Whack-Whack Challenge

#9 - The Tar Hole

Unlike the Tar Heels (and many of you Woaksters, frankly), this two-tiered finishing hole is known for its toughness. A treacherous test of speed, undulation, and finesse, playing it makes you feel like Schumborg trying to cook his own meal - helpless and hungry.

Miss long and your chances disappear like UNC’s lock for making the 2022 NCAA Tournament. Miss left or right and you'll be rocketing out of a clown's mouth like Schum laughing at his own jokes.

The Tar Hole is where we separate the winners from the Woak. Sink it and massively elevate your chances of winning. Miss it and find your career as short-lived as a Dylan Mulvaney spokeswoman gig.

Island Adventures

Fisherman's Post

Join this elite club by simply trying to fish. You don't even have to catch one to find yourself inside the ropes. Just try. Is that too much to ask? Pipo the pole master will even prep your rod!

Playlist Challenge

No idea is a bad idea. At Woak Island, we remove the fear of criticism and encourage people to act on their "crazy" ideas. That said, this year's playlist challenge may be a one hit wonder.

Wake up Woak

Go to Bed Wrecked

First Alternate

Jay Killsme


925 East Beach Drive


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